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#socialmedia with Guest Collin Kartchner. Episode 17



Social media is full of the good, the bad, and some ugly.  Today we talk with Instagram Power Influencer Collin Kartchner about the effects that social media may be having on you and your children.  

In an ever advancing world we may struggle to keep up with everything happening on social media.  One thing that is becoming more and more clear is the consequences of misusing social media.  In this episode we discuss how access to a virtual world and prolonged amounts of time spent on it each day may be leading to depression, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, and in some cases self harming or even suicide.  Collin is starting a new dialogue and hoping to get the word out to parents that it is time we take control.  We are responsible for monitoring use of social media in our homes. We can have a discussion about how the images and posts we–and our teens–are looking at how they are making us feel.  His message is that we are good enough.  We don’t have to look to a virtual world for approval.  

The “Mom Squad Challenge” this week is to take an honest look at how the things and people you are following are making you feel and have that same conversation with your children.  If something does not uplift and bring you joy, delete it from your feed.  

At the beginning of the show we said that Lizzy (@dearlizzy) was coming on as well.  Unfortunately she wasn’t able to make it.  We missed you Lizzy.

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  1. As a retired teacher, I believe part of the problem with youth depression started in 2010 with the adoption of the Common Core and high-stakes testing. We teachers had to cut out most of our art and drama and any extras we added for fun and focus on the test. In my school, we teachers were told to teach to the test and to put more pressure on students. Most students did not have smart phones back then, but had them by the time I retired. I believe the change in schools contributed to the problems kids have now.

  2. This was the best episode I’ve heard yet. Finally, someone said it out loud. Do Not Give I-Phones to Kids!
    I would enjoy two things from your podcasts – How to do genealogy for moms with young children at home (we have local experts) and something for us older generations because when you turn 60 you suddenly become invisible to the world at large. You guys are fun!

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