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How to Organize your Home and Life – Guest Angie Calderwood. Episode 30

Feeling overwhelmed with your home, family and life?  ME TOO! Luckily this week we talk to Angie Calderwood. She is a professional organizer, designer and loves to inspire others to get organized and find a proper place for everything in their life.  This episode is full of practical tips to get our homes, families, and life organized. Here is what we talked about:

  1. How Angie become a professional organizer.
  2. Why it is important to be organized.
  3. Angie’s shift in mindset that organization is more than arranging physical clutter, it is a way of life.
  4. What to do when you are not a naturally organized person.
  5. Organization can be a learned skill for everyone.
  6. Where to begin organizing your house.
  7. How to organize an area without making a bigger mess somewhere else.
  8. Strategies for decluttering. Getting over the emotional attachment to our possessions.
  9. We walk through the process of deep organizing an area.  
  10. Why it is important to work on a project from start to FINISH.
  11. How to maintain a clean area after we have invested time to organize it.
  12. Angie’s best tips for mothers to get organized.
  13. The family car tends to be an extension of the house.  Angie discusses strategies for keeping your van clean and organized.
  14. Keeping your life and house organized during the summer months.
  15. Teaching our kids to keep their room clean.

Mom Squad Challenge: Take a few minutes and sit down in your home. Close your eyes and imagine what you want your home to look like, feel like, and even smell like.  You can envision what your ideal is. Think about who lives in your home and why you want to make living an organized life something that benefits your entire family.

Angie’s Website:

Angie’s instagram: @aproperplace


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  1. This apparently really motivated me as this past weekend, we did a massive purge in our home. Drawers and closets that hadn’t seen the light of day for a VERY long time were dealt with, and it’s amazing how much momentum helps- once you figure out that one drawer really only takes 15 minutes or so, then you know exactly which one to tackle next. I appreciate the humor in your episodes- I need a good laugh sometimes and this is a good place to find it :). Thanks for the wonderful work you ladies are doing!

    1. It really is amazing how much can get done when we are “feeling it” and have momentum! I have so many areas that are living in the dark and need to be brought out and dealt with. Thanks for commenting Laura! We really appreciate it!

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