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Traveling With The Family – Guests Kam and Shani of “Our Family Passport”. Episode 31

Let’s go on a trip!  I always say I want to travel, but just don’t make the plans to make it happen.  This week we talk to world travelers Kam and Shani of the popular travel blog and instagram account  “Our Family Passport.” Their goal is to encourage other families to take a “time out” together and go and explore the amazing world.  They travel together as a multi-generational family. In this conversation, Kam and Shani share their travel tips they have learned from their own traveling experiences.  You will feel inspired to get that trip planned and on the calendar. Here is what we talked about.

  1. Where their enthusiasm for traveling first started.
  2. Finding balance between family members with different interests when traveling.
  3. The ages of their children when they first started traveling.
  4. Places that would be difficult to travel to with children.
  5. How their travel blog first started.
  6. How to coordinate family schedules so they can travel together.
  7. How to choose a destination.
  8. Strategies for appealing to everyone’s interests when traveling.
  9. Tips on budgeting for travel.
  10. Traveling credit card recommendations
  11. Tips for finding cheap airfare.
  12. Why it is important to travel with kids.
  13. How to pack when traveling with kids.
  14. How to prepare kids mentally for a long international trip.
  15. Helping your child adjust to time changes and a busy traveling schedule.
  16. The importance of not over-scheduling when traveling.
  17. Recommended time to spend at each destination.
  18. Taking pictures and documenting your travels.
  19. Resources found on the “Our Family Passport” travel blog.

MOM SQUAD CHALLENGE: 1. Plan a family activity, could be going on a picnic in the park, where everyone is involved in the planning process. 2. Start planning a trip you want to take in a year.

To Learn More From Kam and Shani:

Visit their website: Our Family Passport


Instagram: @ourfamilypassport

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