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A Happier Life- Guest Hank Smith. Episode 33

      Don’t we all want to be happy?  Although we cannot control our happiness 100% we do have some control.  How happy we feel is 50% genetic, 10% circumstance and 40% up to you! Today we talk to Hank Smith, professor, speaker, and author.  We discuss his book, “Be Happy: Simple Secrets to a Happier Life” and talk about the ten things that we can do to make our lives a little bit happier.

Some things he suggests we do to be happier are

  • Exercise and eat right
  • Spend time with happy people
  • Spend Money on others
  • Meditate
  • Be outside for at least 20 minutes each day
  • Laugh more
  • Get enough sleep (We know that is impossible for moms!)


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