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6 Ways to Make the 4th of July Mean Something to Your Kids – Guests The American Moms. Episode 36


In this episode we had the privilege of talking with twin sisters, two moms who have had extensive experience working on capitol hill and in the White House.  They now run a website called The American Moms, where they teach all about civics, civility and raising kids to be big proponents of both.


Andrea Reeve worked on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. During her time there she served two U.S. Senators as press secretary, acting as spokesman to reporters and the public.  Andrea is now living across the country in the other Washington state with her husband and three daughters.

Brittany Richman worked in the Office of Presidential Speechwriting at the White House. She and her husband now live in Rapid City, South Dakota, where she teaches her three kids all about those faces carved into Mount Rushmore, just a few miles from their home.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • What led each of them to their career in politics in Washington D.C.
  • What led to them leaving Washington D.C., getting married, and having children.
  • How they each adjusted to the role of  stay-at-home-mom after leaving prestigious careers.
  • How the website The American Moms was conceived and what its purpose is.
  • Why civility is emphasized as much as civics on the website.  Why they feel civility is lacking in our society and what we as parents can do to counteract this in our children.
  • The six ways we can make the 4th of July mean something to our kids.

MOM SQUAD CHALLENGE:  Keep a running list of the freedoms you are grateful for.   Put it somewhere that you and your kids can see it and add to it daily.

Andrea shared this amazing quote on the show:

It’s by F.W. Boreham (speaking of the Napoleonic wars): “Men were following, with bated breath, the March of Napoleon, and waiting with feverish impatience for the latest news of the wars. And all the while in their own homes, babies were being born. But who could think about babies? Everybody was thinking about battles. In one year, between Trafalgar and Waterloo, there stole into the world a host of heroes! In 1809, Gladstone was born at Liverpool; Alfred Tennyson was born at the Somersby rectory…Oliver Wendell Holmes made his first appearance at Massachusetts…and Abraham Lincoln drew his first breath at Old Kentucky…but nobody thought of babies. Everybody was thinking of battles. Yet which of the battles of 1809 mattered more than the babies of 1809?…We fancy that God can only manage His world by big battalions…when all the while He is doing it by beautiful babies…when a wrong wants righting, or a work wants doing, or a truth wants preaching, or a continent wants opening, God sends a baby into the world to do it. That is why, long, long ago, a babe was born at Bethlehem.”

Websites, apps, and books referenced in this episode:

The History Channel App that was discussed is called History Here.

An article written by Andrea and Brittany on keeping your cool online:

Another article by Andrea and Brittany

And finally:



Keep a running list of the freedoms you are grateful for.   Put it somewhere that you and your kids can see it and add to it daily.



If you would like to know more about Andrea and Brittany and The American Moms website visit  You can also visit them on Instagram at @theamericanmoms where they post daily fun, insightful, and positive messages aimed at civics and civility.




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