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From Messy to Manageable – Guest Samantha Passey. Episode 37

Sam Passey is a stay at home mother of six children. She has developed a weekly cleaning routine that  allows her to deep clean her entire house every week in less than an hour a day. In this interview we talk about her cleaning system and how you can implement it in your own home. So if you are a slob, like us, there is hope for you if you follow her plan.  Here is what we talked about:

  1. The importance of  making cleaning a priority in our home.
  2. Sam’s cleaning routine.
  3. How to schedule a weekly cleaning routine.
  4. How much time it takes to deep clean an entire house.
  5. Cleaning with little kids around.
  6. How to teach your kids to clean.
  7. Simplifying your cleaning routine so it is manageable in the beginning.
  8. How to make cleaning more enjoyable.
  9. Suggested cleaning supplies. (links below)
  10. How to stay motivated and encouraged with tasks that never get done (laundry, dishes, etc.)
  11. Rewarding yourself for getting your cleaning done.

Mom Squad Challenge: Write down a cleaning schedule that you would like to achieve. Include what you want to clean and when you are going to clean it.

Riccar Vacuum: 

Popsicle Stick Chore System :

Below are suggested chores, from Sam’s system.  Write each chore on a separate popsicle stick. Create more chores or eliminate chores according to what works for your household.  Each child picks their assigned number of chores.

Family/Living Room chores

Pick up floor and put things away where they belong


Wipe baseboards

Wash windows


Wipe cupboards and shelves

Vacuum couch

Gather garbage


Clean bathroom mirror

Clean bathroom sink and counter

Scrub toilet

Wipe walls

Wipe baseboards

Gather garbage

Halls and Stairs

Vacuum stairs

Wipe down walls

Wipe banister

Wipe baseboards


Clean off table and put things away

Wash windows

Clean off countertops

Wipe down countertops

Sweep floor

Mop floor

Gather garbage


Pick up and put things away

Wipe walls

Wipe down baseboards

Wipe windows



Gather garbage


Gather laundry

Fold laundry


4 Comment

  1. Hi! Fun to find you guys!
    I like to split up my 5 weekdays into tasks to be done in the whole house (i remember them by the similar first letter as the day) …
    Monday – Mending & laundry
    Tuesday – toilets(whole bathroom) & tidy a closet or drawer
    Wednesday – Wipe windows & walls/trim (wainscoat & cabinets). weeding
    Thursday Throwdown- choose one room to clean top 2 bottom
    Friday – Floors (vacuum and steam mop)

    Every day I’m cleaning the kitchen… dishes and counters, etc.
    Each morning before school, my 4 children have a quick chore along with piano practice(sweep kitchen and hard floors on main level, sweep stairs, shipshape TV room…)
    Saturday the children have a different chore (bathroom, & bedrooms..etc).. doesn’t take too long
    A schedule is great to keep a clean house!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I love how you use the first letter of each day for the task. You are right about a schedule keeping a clean house! Thanks so much for contributing to our website1

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