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Parenting With Love and Logic – Guest Holly Thurgood. Episode 38

Holly Thurgood is a stay at home mother of seven.  She is a trained Parenting With Love and Logic Facilitator.  Parenting with Love and Logic is a parenting philosophy founded by Jim Fay and Foster Cline.  Parents who use the Love and Logic approach can help their children to be accountable for their choices.  This philosophy encourages parents to disengage from confrontation and allow the kids to come up with solutions for their own problems.  It also gives parents strategies to get children to complete chores without nagging and fighting. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Holly’s fun personality and hilarious examples made this interview both fun and informative.   Here is what we talked about:

  1. Why Holly first sought out the Love and Logic parenting philosophy.
  2. What Love and Logic parenting is.
  3. Putting an end to arguing, backtalk and begging.
  4. Teaching responsibility without losing love.
  5. Setting limits without waging war.
  6. How to use strategic training sessions to eliminate specific bad behaviors.
  7. How to avoid power struggles.
  8. Guiding kids to own and solve their problems.
  9. How to get kids to complete chores without being asked or being paid.

Mom Squad Challenge: Instead of arguing with your kids or trying to solve their problems when they come to you,  just come up with a phrase you say that disengages you from the situation and lets them work on solving their own problems. For example, when they are upset about a situation at school, just listen and say, “That’s too bad.”  You don’t need to say anything else.

Holly’s Email:

Love and Logic “Turn Your Word Into Gold” Printable: goldhome

Holly’s favorite Parenting Books: (Links to books found below)

Smart Money Smart Kids

Parenting With Love and Logic

The Child Whisperer

Growing Up

Favorite Fiction Books: (Links to books found below)

Harry Potter

Pride And Prejudice


Wednesday Wars

Advice Holly wished she had had before she became a parent:  We are enough just the way we are, no matter how we are doing it.  Plan on a lot of mom fails and know that that is normal!

Links to Book Recommendations:
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  1. I loved this episode so much that I listened to it once on my own and then I made my husband listen to it with me again. (and I’m recommending it to everyone I know). We’ve already implemented some of the techniques and are seeing some improvements (and lots of rolled eyes from teenagers).

    1. That’s terrific Rachael! I love how certain episodes will REALLY resonate with different people. This episode resonated with me as well. I have seen improvements in my family also. Way to listen with your spouse and make it a team effort! That is key to really making a change. You know your doing it right when your teens are rolling their eyes 🙂 My favorite funny part of the episode was when she was telling her mom fail of throwing her sons phone out the back door and having him text her on his sisters phone saying he hated her and her saying “I know! I’ve known since Mothers Day!” That killed me. I quote it all the time and no one knows what I’m talking about…but I’m DYING!
      Thank you so much for listening and for writing in. We appreciate it more than you know!

  2. Thanks so much for reaching out to us. I asked Holly where to find the printable. She confirmed that it is difficult to find on their website, so she sent a PDF for you. I hope it helps. I have also now included it in the show notes so it will be easy to find for all listeners. Thanks for listening and also for your kind words. We really appreciate it! Good luck with turnover season.

  3. Hey, so I just listened to this podcast. She mentioned a printable they have on their fridge that was on the love and logic website. I’m struggling to find said printable. Do you guys happen to know where it is and have a link?

    PS-I never got into podcasts until I listened to yours. It is my favorite! It’s helping me survive turnover season at the apartments we manage.

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