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Mom Squad Questions Answered. Episode 43

It’s just us on the episode today!  We asked our Mom Squad to ask us questions that they have been DYING to know the answers to.  Today we are answering them.

Who are we?

How did we meet our husbands?

How did this podcast start?

What goes into starting and running a podcast?

Why are we so amazing? Ok no one asked us that 🙂

We talk about how Family Looking Up started, why we put in the hours to keep it going, and a little about each of our personal lives and families.

Andrea’s Favorite Parenting Book:

Beth’s favorite Parenting Book:

Camille’s Favorite Parenting Book:

Andrea’s Favorite Fictional Book:

Camille’s Favorite Fictional Book:

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  1. Love this! I look forward to the podcast every week. I like that you identified your voices in this one because I’ve wondered who is who :). I love that you make me laugh- I tend to get too serious as a mom so you 3 lighten me up. Thank you so much for sharing your light!

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