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The Mom Conference is Happening Now!

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Mom Conference starts today! Dr. Laura Markham will be discussing how to set limits and goes through role play of how to set limits with little kids up to teenagers. She has a lot of really thought-provoking things to say.

Julie and Joanna Faber are the other keynote speakers featured. They take real-life examples from and break down how to handle them. Things like picking up toys, what to do when it’s time to leave and they don’t want to go, or when they want an entire tub of ice cream at the store! The focus is on little kids in this interview but the principals work for all ages of kids.

Be sure to click here to sign up to get the link to view these keynote speakers and get some exclusive discounts through the Mom Conference.

All of us at Family Looking Up listen to and LOVE the Mom Conference.  Don’t miss it!


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