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Loving Your Body NOW, Not After You Lose That 40 Pounds- Guest Amber Brueseke of Biceps After Babies. Episode 53

Does it seem right  that when you have children you suddenly lose your sleep, your free time, your sanity and YOUR BODY?  In my naive mind, I thought I would say good-bye to my pre-baby body for nine months while I was pregnant and then life would go back to normal. HA! I am still searching for that body. I hope someday I find it.

Maintaining a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle is a constant battle in the busy lives of mothers.  Too often we are trying so hard and it is easy to get discouraged when the number on the scale is not reflecting our hard work.  This episode is going to help women accept their bodies NOW. We don’t have to wait for that “someday” when we finally fit in our skinny jeans from college.  In this episode, we talk to Amber Brueseke. She is a certified personal trainer, a fitness instructor, a registered nurse and most importantly a mother of four kids. She gives great advice about improving your body image, setting attainable health goals and how to avoid letting the scale rule you. Here is what we talked about:

  1. Amber’s family
  2. Why Amber started the website Biceps After Babes
  3. Having a positive body image
  4. The importance of taking care of yourself to set an example for your kids
  5. Things you can do now to love your body
  6. Identify your thoughts and change the story in your mind
  7. Indifference, when it comes to loving your body, is not a bad thing.
  8. How to maintain a healthy lifestyle without letting it control you.
  9. What the number on the scale means to you.
  10. Defining success in different ways, not just hitting the prepregnancy weight.
  11. Setting behavioral goals. Setting a goal that you can control.
  12. Where to start when starting a health plan
  13. How to maintain LONG TERM healthy habits
  14. What are Macros. (carbs, fat and protein)
  15. The first step is establishing small habits you can add to.
  16. It is a journey and everyone’s journey is unique

Mom Squad Challenge: Choose ONE health or fitness goal to work on for the next four weeks. Write it down. Practice it.


Amber’s website: Biceps After Babies

To learn more about macros: CLICK HERE

To set your macros: CLICK HERE


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Amber’s Favorite Parenting Book:

Amber’s Favorite Fiction Books

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