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4 Steps to Making Life Changes That Actually Stick – Guest Kristin Brown of “The Progress Project” podcast. Episode 70

If you are human it’s pretty much guaranteed that you have a list of life changes that you would like to make.  Unfortunately, It is also guaranteed (due to your human-ness) that you have probably tried to make MANY changes already and a multitude of those efforts have fallen by the wayside.  Any exhausted parent might say that’s why trying to change is clearly a waste of time. “You are what you are” right?!? I, for one, certainly hope not. If I am stuck forever as who I am today, I may just go overdose on whipping cream as I wallow in self despair.

The life changes that we want to make can be simple things like cutting down on TV, learning how to make the bed in the morning, cutting back on sugar, or watching some YouTube tutorials to learn how to create a “messy bun” with your own unruly hair.  

Sometimes the changes are far more important and deal directly with who we are becoming as a person.  Topics here could range from conquering actual addiction, to finding a way to genuinely care more about others or becoming more patient with your kids.  These are the changes that mean the most and yet seem to be the most impossible to hang onto.

The Tale of the Oven Bathtub Dishes

Conquering tiny life changes can give us hope that we someday will alter larger life issues.

Case in point: When my husband and I got married we were both utterly incapable of washing dishes each day.  As I look back, I am baffled. There were two of us. No kids. No massive cooking occasions. We are talking about a 15 minute (TOPS) chore that seemed, at the time, like climbing Mount Everest.  We thought we were so busy (it’s hysterical as I look back on it now, that when I was responsible for no one I felt so overwhelmed).  The problem got so bad that it was a constant source of embarrassment for me. If anyone came over (gasp!) there was no way to hide the disgusting mess WE HAD MADE  because the kitchen sink was directly across from the front door of our apartment.  

Although, in my dysfunction, I DID come up with a way to hide it.  On several occasions when someone unexpectedly knocked on the door, I scurried to the sink and removed stacks of dirty dishes and hurriedly shoved them into the oven and the bathtub.  (Take a minute for this mental image to develop…it’s worth it).

WHY was it preferable to go through that kind of panic and embarrassment

rather than just doing the freaking dishes???  

My answer to you now is a shrug and silent shake of the head.  I, too, am baffled. HOWEVER, after a couple of years of this behavior I decided it was time for a LIFE CHANGE!  I swore in my disgust that I would never go to bed again with a sink full of dirty dishes!!!

I broke that declaration within a few days.

BUT, I kept on trying and 20 years later I can honestly say that it is a VERY RARE occasion that the dishes are not done when I go to bed.  

I finally mastered that vice. (Applause and kind words are acceptable reactions here).  

Why Failing Isn’t All Bad

As a result, many times when I have set a goal and I have stumbled, I think back to that oven and bathtub full of dirty dishes.  It makes me smile and remember that if I could conquer that, surely I can conquer anything!

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”  

So, we have to decide to make the leap and implement the life change, but where do we start?!?

Enter Kristin Brown

Kristin is a podcaster, writer, and photographer who loves talking about living with purpose, contentment, and creativity.  She shared with us 4 steps to making life changes that actually stick.

Kristin went into great detail on each of these steps.  To listen, click on the link to stream the show. I love how, with each step, everything is very personalized.  So often we hear “Do x to cure y!!!” The truth is that we are all individuals with different needs. What works for one will not necessarily work for all.  This is not a list of steps to check off until we aren’t loading the oven with dirty dishes. Rather, it is a list of things to consider if we want our feet to begin the walk toward life change.  AND it’s a list that, when carefully considered, can keep our feet from  running back to home base a week after they started the journey.

Who’s Up For a Freebie??

“The Progress Project”, Kristin’s podcast, has offered to share a freebie with our listeners!  If you are interested in this fabulous freebie that walks you through obstacles that may be stopping you from progressing, gives a list of questions to ask your future self, and gives the free guide of “How to Make Lasting Change”, click here.

Trying, failing, trying,



and finally making life changes that help us to become happier, healthier, and better human beings is really what life is about.

IMO I fail far more than I succeed, but the point is that I DO find success, and that burst of progress compensates for the stumbles and retreats.  

At least my dishes will be done and my oven will be empty, even if nothing else improves.  I wish you good luck in your personal battles for a better life and a better YOU. It’s worth the fight!

Your friend in the mess,


Mom Squad Challenge

Think about 1 thing you want to change and get excited about it (1st step)!

To learn more about Kristin Brown

Bio:  Kristin Brown is a podcaster, writer, and photographer who loves talking about living with purpose, contentment, and creativity. She lives in Utah with her husband and toddler twins and loves deep conversations, great books, and really great chocolate chip cookies. 😉

Visit her podcast “The Progress Project” where she and her co-host Laura talk progress and purpose.  

Visit their website


For Kristins freebie click here.

For Kristins favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe click here.

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