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7 Easy Steps to Securing YOUR Financial Future – Guest Melissa Blandford. Episode 77

There is a terrific moment in “The Office” when the character of Michael Scott has gotten himself into some serious financial trouble.  After reviewing all of his financial choices, he marches into his workplace and, throwing his hands in the air, loudly proclaims “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!!”

Needless to say, he was dismayed to find out that there is a LOT more to the process of bankruptcy than simply declaring it,  and MANY ramifications for years to come if his declaration was legally formalized.  In the end, Michael Scott went with a less distressing solution for his financial future (yet still a very unfamiliar course of action)…a budget.

How does your financial future look?  Mine depends on the moment and what kind of mood I’m in.  Sometimes I’m optimistic! I feel like we are staying on budget and making sound choices.  Self Control? I AM self control!!!  

Then there’s the other Camille.  The one that is sick and tired of thinking and planning! She longs for everything to be easier!!  The one that has a house full of teenagers and feels like she is sneezing out hundred dollar bills every other minute!!  When this Camille takes control all bets are off! She knows she only has a limited amount of time until the other Camille is going to come back so she uses every moment of her time in the driver’s seat to have FUN!!!

The struggle is real people!  Needless to say, my financial future deeply depends upon me keeping “carefree Camille” in check and keeping that little piggie in one piece.  It’s a full time job!

Enter Melissa Blandford

Melissa Blandford is here to teach us all how to secure our financial future in 7 easy steps!  She even makes a case for budgets leading to MORE FREEDOM not less!! Whaaaat???

Melissa is a certified Master Financial Coach for Dave Ramsey, and a podcaster.  She helps people like you and me to take charge of our lives by taking control of our money. She does this by teaching people how to create a budget, ditch their debt, and help lead them through 7 baby steps to achieve financial freedom. Sounds good to me!  

That’s great, but does she “get” it?

If you’re like me, you’re wondering if she REALLY gets that it’s not as easy as it sounds.  It’s one thing to say it but quite another to actually walk the walk. So often you hear people talk about how they know that staying on a budget is hard!  Then you find out that sacrifice to them was only being able to vacation in the Hamptons instead of Paris.  Well, if anyone gets it, Melissa does! She and her husband have paid off $30,000 in debt, and because of that, she’s been able to stay home and raise her children for over 3 years, not to mention starting her own business debt-free!  That is the kind of person that I will listen to.

I am actually a HUGE proponent of Dave Ramsey (despite my financial split personality).  I can honestly say that his program (the one that Melissa teaches) is the only thing that has worked LONG-TERM for my husband and I.  We learned about the program about 10 years ago and subsequently paid off thousands of dollars of debt and have been VERY blessed by the principles we learned there.  During the podcast, Melissa focused much of the discussion on Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps to Secure Your Financial Future. They are below. If you would like to visit Dave Ramsey’s website to learn more about these steps click here.

Melissa covered many other financial topics:

  • What is the most important thing we must do to be successful in our financial future?
  • How do we begin making a budget?
  • How do we get out of the trap of living paycheck to paycheck?
  • What are some suggestions for staying motivated over time and keeping our carefree self under control??
  • The top three ways listeners can easily save money.

If you would like to hear all of Melissa’s expertise that she has gained throughout her own learning and life experiences click on the link at the top of the page.

As for me…well, I’m going to the store to buy some duct tape to contain my carefree self when she surfaces.  I may purchase some other things while I’m there…but that wouldn’t be my fault since I don’t actually have the duct tape or a budget ready to go….yet.   Tomorrow I am the master of my financial fate!!

Your friend in the mess financial mess,


Mom Squad Challenge

Look back over what you have spent on food.  Decide what you will spend on food this week and take that money out in cash and put it in an envelope.  Only use the money in the envelope for food this week.

Learn more about Melissa Blandford

To have her coach you in your financial journey, or to just find out more about her, visit her website  or on Facebook @MelissaBlandfordCoaching.

If you would like to listen to Melissa’s podcast you can find her at “Money Talks with Melissa B”

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