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How To Travel With Kids And Actually Enjoy It – Guest Jessica Dabelich. Episode 79.

Does the thought of traveling with your kids raise your blood pressure?  OR would you love to travel the world with your kids If Only you could afford to do so?  I have a fun-driven personality.  So if something sounds fun to me then A LOT of my ordinary life (cleaning the toilet, running errands, dusting, getting the mail, returning library books…) gets put on hold so that I can chase the fun.  Because of this tendency I am definitely in the category of a world traveler wanna be.

Promised Land

As a teenager I used to watch a show on tv called “Promised Land” about a family that traveled the country in an RV looking for ways to bless others.  Miraculously they found amazing ways in EVERY EPISODE! It was one of those ‘90’s feel-good shows that made you believe in angels and goodness around every corner.  (Where have those gone???) But, I digress. The point is that I LOVED the idea of traveling with my kids across the country with

No Schedule. (!)

No destination.  (!!)

Just driving and learning as a family as we went along.  (!!!!)

I used to dream about doing something very similar to this with my own kids. ITWASGOINGTOBEAWESOME!!!!

Enter reality where we have a mortgage and six kids and a job that really cramps my style because if you have one of these…jobs… you are actually expected to show up and…… (you won’t believe this)…… WORK!  


Like physically.

On Location.


All I know is that reality ruined my “Promised Land” dreams.  The other thing that harsh reality taught me is that if you have six kids and you want to travel WITH your kids it approximately costs a jillion dollars to fly ANYWHERE.  Even within your own state. Furthermore, it’s only slightly less than a jillion dollars (more like a bazillion) to drive! That doesn’t include the cost of food, lodging, Red Box movies and antidepressants to make it across the country.  Obv.

So what is a free spirit with Hopes and Dreams to do???  Well, partly the answer is to take MORE antidepressants and pay your mortgage while you tell your kids that the “backyard has an adventure around every corner” even though you KNOW  that it ain’t no promised land.

Cue the sobbing.

The REST of the Answer??     Enter Jessica Dabelich

Have hope, fellow free spirits! (Beth, I’m talking to you!)  Jessica Dabelich from the popular website and Instagram account “Flying With Four” is here to show us how we actually CAN afford to travel with our kids around the world and give us tips for helping us to love the experience!

Jessica is a mom of four young children (ages 9, 7, 5, and 2) living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s also a proud wife of 10 years and a kindergarten teacher. This girl is an everyday mom!  

Jessica’s husband is from Croatia.  They make it a priority to fly there with their four children yearly.  

As in, Every.  Year.

They value the things that traveling with their kids teaches them and because of that they make it a priority.  Both of them have very normal jobs, yet they have found ways to fit a week-long vacation into their schedules every 4 months.  Some of those vacations are within the United States and some are outside of it. The point is that they make it happen. Even with a mortgage AND jobs that actually expect them to show up.  Incredible.

Jessica’s Travel Hacks To Travel With Kids

Jessica shares some fabulous information in our interview.  You can listen to all the details by clicking the play button at the top of the screen.  Some of the subjects she touches on are:

  • How they earn free mileage on airlines and which cards are their favorites (see resources)
  • Her opinions on Airbnb, VRBO, and hotels: how they compare for families
  • The way you can easily get free room upgrades at hotels
  • Why it’s so important to adjust your expectations when traveling with kids
  • When you should be buying airplane tickets

The 5 Things Jessica Always Packs:

  1. Baby wipes (They get out EVERYTHING, stain-wise).
  2. A comfort item for the kids.
  3. White noise so the kids can sleep in a different environment.
  4. A Peapod (A kids tent.  See resources for the link).
  5. Her credit card.

The biggest takeaway I got from Jessica is that she and her husband have made traveling with their kids a priority and because of that they find ways to make it happen.  So I suppose that instead of feeling sad that I can’t travel the country in an RV looking for my ‘90’s sitcom dream I ought to use the resources at my fingertips and find a way to make traveling with my own kids happen.  

Even with a mortgage.  

And a job that actually expects you to show up.  

I hope you find some tips and tools in this episode to get your own family to the destinations you have dreamed about as well!  Happy travels!

Your friend in the mess,


Mom Squad Challenge

Plan a family trip and start figuring out how to make it happen!

To Learn More About Jessica Dabelich

Visit her website

Or visit her on Instagram @flyingwithfour

Resources We Discussed In This Episode. Click on the link or picture to purchase.


United Mileage Plus Credit Card

Alaskan Mileage Plus Credit Card



Hyatt Hotels

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