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Pursuing Your Dreams – With Business Coach CrystaLee Beck. Episode 81.

Years ago I had BIG dreams for my life.  At one point during Kindergarten I was obsessed with the TV show Charlie’s Angels (BTW, I would never let my kindergartener watch Charlie’s Angels, but hey, it was the ‘80’s!  All kids pretty much watched ALL the T.V. shows.) I imagined myself as the dark-haired Jaclyn Smith disarming the bad guys without breaking a sweat (bell bottoms flapping with every kick)!  I was sure I would work for Charlie (or the like) and be a spy or other awe-striking force for good……..that is, until I realized that I was actually scared of my own shadow and that super-spying AND hiding from every imagined danger were apparently incompatible. Thus died that dream.

Less Deadly Dreams

Other, less deadly, dreams took root in my little heart.  I dreamed of writing books, of being a TV News Anchor, and of being a college professor.  I was really vocal about these dreams until that wonderful stage of life (where you become painfully aware of OTHER people’s opinions and how you are a DWEEB…incapable of even the smallest feat….like walking…..with style).

This glorious stage of life is commonly called Middle School or Junior High or Hell (they are used interchangeably).   

During this stage (and forever more, it seems) we become so self conscious that we stop vocalizing our hopes and dreams and stick to secretly wishing (at least that’s what I did).

The Inexcusable Act of Pursuing Your Dreams

Somehow, I thought that if I vocalized that I wanted to be an author, someone would fall over laughing at the insane ego trip I must be on to even dare think that.  Since when did dreaming turn into a naughty word…an accusation?

“Those” People

I have learned something in my 40’s that I never comprehended before. When I was approached to do this podcast, I was shocked and uneasy about my lack of ability.  I am not the best at … really………anything. People who pull off that kind of thing (i.e., hosting a podcast or starring on American Idol) are really talented and have years of experience.  

I had neither.

However, I did have some raw talent for telling stories and seeing the humor in life, and an ability to express myself, um, VIVIDLY.  I have six kids, and I have a passion for the importance of motherhood and the desperate need moms have for hearing that they don’t need to be perfect…(because it’s impossible).

When we decided to actually try this podcasting thing we had no idea how hard it was really going to be.  That was a blessing! With determination and an eagerness to learn we have been able to actually pull it off.  It shocks me to look back on it. After all, we are just three moms… who had a dream and pursued it.

Your Dreams

What dreams have you had that have never been realized?  Maybe you have secretly held them close to you for years, maybe not.  Do you have dreams that you would like to pursue, but you don’t know where to begin?

CrystaLee Beck is a business owner and business coach, she is the co-founder of The Mama Ladder International where she helps to empower mom entrepreneurs.  She visited with us about moms, about dreams, and about how moms can actually take the steps to pursue and succeed in those dreams!

3 Components for Successfully Pursuing Your Dreams

CrystaLee identified the 3 components that a Mom-preneur needs to successfully pursue her dreams.

  1. She needs to have some skill in that area.  Moms usually struggle to SEE their own skills. CrystaLee identified several ways moms can overcome this obstacle and be able to recognize their own skills and gifts.  Listen to the interview for a full description.
  2. It needs to be something that she is passionate about.  A LOT of work is going to go into a successful business.  She had better feel it is worth it!
  3. It needs to be something marketable.  

So, if you feel like you have found an idea and are ready to pursue your dreams, CrystaLee has a “Creation Equation” that she shared with us.

CrystaLee shared such great insights from her life experience of pursuing her dreams and helping other moms to pursue theirs.  To hear these and more listen in to the episode!

So, maybe in the next life I can be a super spy, but in this life I actually am pursuing some of my greatest dreams!  I get to write, talk to experts, share mom fails (Mom fails are actually one of my greatest talents. I don’t mind bragging about that.), laugh at life, and hopefully help moms along the way…something I AM passionate about!  I guess you could say I’m living the dream…let’s all go find a dream and LIVE IT!

Your friend in the mess,


Mom Squad Challenge:

Decide something that you want to do for YOU this week.  Schedule it in and protect the time for it.

To learn more about CrystaLee Beck:

Crystalee Beck is a mama of three cute messmakers, a writer, entrepreneur, and cofounder of The Mama Ladder International, an organization that empowers women at the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship. After leaving her corporate ladder job, she “created her own ladder” to fit her family in 2016. She gets her best ideas on mountain climbs and treasures daily adventures with her kids. See more at

Resources we discussed in this episode:

As a gift for our listeners, here is the “embracing fear” eBook CrystaLee mentioned:

Click below for the website for the lawyer CrystaLee referenced:


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