Chatbooks Offer!

Mom Squad, we have such an amazing gift for you! We are working with Chatbooks to offer you a special promo just in time for Mothers and Fathers Day!! For all of our listeners who use this code (FAMILYLOOKINGUP), Chatbooks will provide you with a free photo book! (Up to $10 value. Upgrades and shipping […]

7 Easy Steps to Securing YOUR Financial Future – Guest Melissa Blandford. Episode 77

There is a terrific moment in “The Office” when the character of Michael Scott has gotten himself into some serious financial trouble.  After reviewing all of his financial choices, he marches into his workplace and, throwing his hands in the air, loudly proclaims “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!!” Needless to say, he was dismayed to find out […]

Wisdom from Parenting Survivors: Regrets and Tips from 400 empty-nesters – Guest Dr. David Schramm. Episode 73.

Is parenting without regrets possible? Since perfection is impossible, so is perfect parenting. How does that Frank Sinatra song go?   “Regrets, I’ve had a few,  but then again, too few to mention” For parents, sometimes the fear of potential regret is more exhausting than the actual regret itself. Personally, I dread getting the parenting […]

4 Steps to Making Life Changes That Actually Stick – Guest Kristin Brown of “The Progress Project” podcast. Episode 70

If you are human it’s pretty much guaranteed that you have a list of life changes that you would like to make.  Unfortunately, It is also guaranteed (due to your human-ness) that you have probably tried to make MANY changes already and a multitude of those efforts have fallen by the wayside.  Any exhausted parent […]