Protect your Marriage NOW: 7 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage – Guest Georgia Anderson of “Know How Mom”. Episode 68.

Happy Valentines week Mom Squad!  This week we celebrate love and strengthening marriage!   We endorse marriage heartily.  Probably because it’s so simple, uncomplicated, and straightforward! NOT! In truth, there isn’t much about marriage that is simple and uncomplicated. However, working on strengthening marriage IS worth the effort!  Whether you are newly wedded, plugging through the […]

Finding Rest in a World Full of Clamor: A woman’s guide – Guest Shaunti Feldhahn. Episode 67.

If you are anything like me you are exhausted.  Parents finding rest is an impossible dream. I honestly don’t remember the last time I really had enough rest.   I’m thinking middle school, maybe earlier. I have memories of getting sick and staying home from school and binge-watching something like “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.”  I […]

Why is My Kid Such a Stress Case? Ideas for children with anxiety and other BIG EMOTIONS – Guest Tanya Lindquist. Episode 65.

Producing children with BIG EMOTIONS is my superpower…apparently.  I suppose it’s not really shocking, since I was a MAJOR anxiety-riddled stress case as a child.  My childhood anxiety manifested itself as fear and anger…rarely crying. I have vivid memories of sneaking into my parents bedroom after they had fallen asleep and sleeping on their floor […]

What Extraordinary Moms Do — You’re probably doing it, too! Guest Jessica Dahlquist of the “Extraordinary Moms” Podcast. Episode 64.

If you were asked to describe an extraordinary mom, what words would you use?  Patient, devoted, intentional, energetic, creative, authentic, fun…the list could go on and on. I’d bet that the list wouldn’t include words and phrases like: flustered, hanging on to sanity by her fingernails, trying and sometimes succeeding, pretty average and utterly exhausted. […]

Bagging Bargains at the Grocery Store – Guest Erin Chase of $5Dinners. Episode 63.

When you read the words “grocery shopping” do you feel anxiety, boredom, the serious beginnings of a headache, frustration, excitement, desperation, or not really anything?  Women run the gamut of emotions when it comes to this particular duty. Myself, I have literally felt every one of these over the years…sometimes all of them within the […]

How to be a Miserable Mom: 7 Traps that steal your JOY – Guest Tracey Eyster. Episode 60.

Not so merry and bright There I stood, all alone, drenched in sweat, surrounded by absolute chaos, yelling my head off at no one in particular.  “How did this happen?”, I wondered aloud. “Today was supposed to be so memorable and so perfect”.  Instead the day had turned……memorable, yes, and very imperfect.  We had planned […]