Living a Creative Life with Angela Ferrari Episode 16

Today we are talking to Angela Ferrari.  Angela grew up in the mountains of western Maine.  Living in a rural setting, she developed a talent for finding creative ways to play and captivate her imagination.  She is a talented writer, illustrator and produces the Story Spectacular Podcast.   Her Story Spectacular podcast is filled with stories, […]

Dream Killers…Listen Up! Episode 7

  Today we are talking to Michael Whiteley.  He is the CEO and Founder of Bear Butt (an outdoor equipment company that currently sells hammocks, but will soon be expanding its merchandise.). His amazing story, teaches us how we can encourage our kids to reach for their dreams.  Here is Michael’s story:

Family and Finance with Gretchen Smoot Episode 5

  Today we are talking to Gretchen Smoot.  Gretchen Smoot holds a BS in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Florida and an MS in Economic Development from Utah State University. Since 2006 she has worked in  the real estate industry in Utah . She has been with Century 21 Everest Realty Group […]

Happiness In Motherhood with Molly Claire Episode 4

We are talking today to Molly Claire.  Molly Claire is a certified Life Coach specializing in motherhood and offers special programs for newly divorced moms.  She focuses on the unique challenges moms face from time management and productivity, to the worries , guilt and overwhelm that can wreak havoc on personal well-being.  Molly’s emphasis on […]

Food and Kids With Cheyna Palmer Episode 3

This week we are talking to Cheyna Palmer about  feeding our kids and feeding ourselves.  Cheyna has been a registered dietician for seven years. She works for the Heath Department, in a clinic and in the hospital setting.  Most her days are spent taking care of her two kids and getting ready for her new […]