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Bagging Bargains at the Grocery Store – Guest Erin Chase of $5Dinners. Episode 63.

When you read the words “grocery shopping” do you feel anxiety, boredom, the serious beginnings of a headache, frustration, excitement, desperation, or not really anything?  Women run the gamut of emotions when it comes to this particular duty. Myself, I have literally felt every one of these over the years…sometimes all of them within the […]

How to be a Miserable Mom: 7 Traps that steal your JOY – Guest Tracey Eyster. Episode 60.

Not so merry and bright There I stood, all alone, drenched in sweat, surrounded by absolute chaos, yelling my head off at no one in particular.  “How did this happen?”, I wondered aloud. “Today was supposed to be so memorable and so perfect”.  Instead the day had turned……memorable, yes, and very imperfect.  We had planned […]

The Survival Guide For Grandparenting… How To Love It! – Guests Richard and Linda Eyre. Episode 57.

How do grandparents figure out grandparenting?   They do what they did to figure out parenting: stumbling forward doing the best they can to love all the adults and kids in their lives.  We have received numerous requests to do a show on grandparenting from our many listeners trying to navigate this exciting yet dicey road. […]

The Family that GIVES together…Creating a family culture of service- Guest Merrilee Boyack. Episode 56

Whenever I hear about families that are creating humanitarian kits for kids in South America, sewing quilts for people in Africa, or serving at the local soup kitchen,  I always say, “I want our family to be one of THOSE families.” But, when it really comes down to it, I feel overwhelmed and never really […]

It’s Our Anniversary! Beth, Andrea and Camille talk Turkey in this special episode. Episode 55

YAY!  We have so much to celebrate this week! We are celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  We started this crazy podcast one year ago. We have loved learning from our many experts, laughing at our many mistakes and challenging ourselves to do better.  We are so grateful for our amazing Mom Squad. You all continually […]

Herding Cats: Routine ideas that can help a mom’s craziest time of the day – Guest Whitney Archibald of “How She Moms”. Episode 54.

Mornings,  after school, and bedtime— these are by far the hardest times for moms to navigate.   Help is here, Mom Squad! On today’s show we bring you one of our favorite mom helpers out there: Whitney Archibald from “How She Moms” (  If you are not familiar with her website, then just know that your […]