How to be a Miserable Mom: 7 Traps that steal your JOY – Guest Tracey Eyster. Episode 60.

Not so merry and bright There I stood, all alone, drenched in sweat, surrounded by absolute chaos, yelling my head off at no one in particular.  “How did this happen?”, I wondered aloud. “Today was supposed to be so memorable and so perfect”.  Instead the day had turned……memorable, yes, and very imperfect.  We had planned […]

Teaching Your Teen: The Two Crucial Concepts of Esteem and Control – Guest Dr. Laura Padilla-Walker. Episode 14

Our conversation this week was with Doctor Laura Padilla-Walker.  Dr. Padilla-Walker is a professor in the  School of Family Life and the Associate Dean of the College of Family Home and Social Sciences at Brigham Young University. Her research focuses on the influence of parenting and media on adolescents’ positive and moral development. She teaches […]