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Coach Carl Mattei Weighs In on Parenting and Sports. Episode 10

Photo Credit: Denver Post

This week we have a conversation with Coach Carl Mattei. Carl is the coach of the nationally ranked Regis Jesuit high school girls basketball team located in Aurora, Colorado. In our conversation we discuss how parent involvement has changed over his years of coaching and what we can do as parents to have positive interactions with coaches and encourage the best in our youth sports.


Things Discussed in this Episode:


  • Carl’s background in coaching
  • How has parent involvement changed throughout his coaching career
  • How the introduction of the cell phone changed parent-coach interactions
  • What is motivating the increase in parent involvement and parent paranoia
  • Common problems coaches have with parents
  • Carl’s worst experience he has had with a parent
  • The increasing cost of youth sports
  • The best way to discuss an issue with your child’s coach
  • What parents can do to be a positive influence on our kids in sports
  • Things our student athletes can do to improve the team atmosphere
  • Final advice Carl has for parents to encourage positive interactions and a positive team atmosphere



Camille’s book recommendation:

The Bonds That Make Us Free by Terry Warner


Mom Squad Challenge: Prepare your athlete! Have your children properly fed, well rested and make sure their homework is done.  Coaches want their athletes ready to go when they are in the gym.  So many things affect the team when the kid is exhausted or hasn’t eaten properly.






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  1. Ok so I didn’t realize how much I would love this particular podcast, but it was one of my favorites. Love the messag that sometimes doing less is more with sports. I’ll have to re-listen in a few years to keep myself in check 👆🏾

    1. We are so glad you liked it! I have felt for a while that we were putting too much emphasis on sports and too little time on the family. After this interview, I have reevaluated where our priorities are. Don’t get me wrong…we still LOVE sports in our house. But I ask myself how it will effect the family before we dive in now.

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