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Finding Fitness – Guest Megan Smith. Episode 11



We were lucky enough to talk to personal trainer Megan Smith! You can find her on Instagram @Muncher_Cruncher or on her website We talked to her about how to get started in the wide world of fitness. She suggested a few things that were really helpful

1. Find the why. Why do you want to lose weight or start working out? Decide why you want to make changes and continue to remind yourself of that reason.
2. Do what you love. You will never stick with it if you don’t enjoy it. Find a form of exercise that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning.
3. Reward yourself. Not all rewards are created equal. Find something that motivates you. Set small attainable goals and reward yourself when you accomplish them.
4. Don’t compare yourself to others. Easier said than done. Progress can be slow and every body responds differently.

She challenged us to cut back on sugar this week. That doesn’t mean to cut it out completely, but to be more aware of how much sugar we are eating and to reduce that amount.

Megan gave us some really great advice on how to get started and stay motivated. I hope you enjoy the episode.

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  1. You said that you work out with Megan every morning, so I assume you are doing it virtually. Can you explain how that works? What does it look like?

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