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The Food Nanny, Family Dinner, and Great Change In America. Episode 12

Liz Edmunds, author of two books and star of the TV show, “The Food Nanny”, visited with us today about the quickly disappearing tradition of family dinner. Her mission is to bring dinner back to families across the world and explained why it’s worth fighting for.  Her passion, heart, and lovable down-to-earth attitude make this an episode you won’t want to miss!


How the Food Nanny Came To Be

More than 20 years ago, as Liz Edmunds was beginning her mission to help families understand the importance of family dinner, she came across this quote from President Ronald Reagan: “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”  That message, stated during former President  Reagan’s farewell address in 1989, resonated in the heart and mind of this mother of seven.  She had been noticing for years, on news and tv shows, that American families were disconnecting from each other.  Friends, extracurricular activities, and a lack of time and ability were quickly leading to the deterioration of family dinner.  She had a deep belief that there was no greater thing that a mother could do for her family, on a daily basis, than to provide and create a situation where the entire family could gather around a table of hot, nutritious dinner, and engage in meaningful conversation.

She reminisced, saying “I knew that I needed to look each of my kids in the eye at the end of the day so that I knew what they were up to, and so that they knew that I cared.”  Thus began her mission to spread enthusiasm for this time-honored, family-strengthening tradition.

Liz discussed stories of raising her own family and how and why they decided on having “themed nights” in their family meal plan.

Helping Families to Make Family Dinner Happen

For each episode on her TV show “The Food Nanny”, Liz met with different families who were struggling  to hold family dinner for different reasons.  Liz would address those concerns, help the family make dinner, and end the show by sitting and sharing family dinner together.   

Liz shared with us the most common obstacles families face in holding family dinner.  They are:

  1. Why should we cook when we are all too busy to sit down together and have a meal?
  2. Due to mom or dad eating lunch out during the day, or teenagers going out after school and eating with friends, some family members are not hungry when dinner time comes.
  3. We have nothing to say to each other if we all come to the table to eat.  It’s awkward and uncomfortable if there is no T.V. playing.
  4. Our children are too wild to sit and eat and have any conversation.
  5. Our kids just won’t come home for dinner.  They would rather be with their friends.
  6. How can working moms bring their families together at dinner time when they have been gone all day with no time to prepare?




Learn More

If you want to learn more about Liz Edmunds and her Food Nanny project visit these sites:

Her social media is on Instagram and Facebook as @thefoodnanny and The Food Nanny.  She and her daughter, Lizzy, are doing a huge push on Instagram now.  They are constantly posting live videos of both of them making everything from Thanksgiving turkey to their french baguettes.  Subscribe to their instagram to be notified of all of their terrific live events!

Her books, “The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner” and “The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner Again” are available on her website and on Or click on the links below to purchase:

To watch Liz’s show go to 

We want to thank Liz for talking with us and inspiring us to be our best!  


6 Comment

  1. Love, love, love The Food Nanny Episode. Learned I am doing okay and ways to enhance dinner time with crazy nightly schedules. I appreciate all your episodes! So inspiring an uplifting!

  2. Great podcast–thanks.
    I wish I’d had this inspiration 30 years ago!
    I think, back then I’d heard family time is important, but I didn’t know “how” to do it.

    1. Diane, thanks for your comment. We are glad you enjoyed the podcast. Liz’s passion is truly inspiring! I was just like you before we talked to Liz. I felt like family dinner time was really important, but have struggled to make it a priority with my busy family. I am grateful for Liz, now I am back on board with her helpful tips to make it happen!

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