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It’s Time For “The Talk” – Guest Brad Wilcox. Episode 21

      Brad Wilcox grew up in Provo, Utah except for childhood years spent in Ethiopia Africa.  He served his mission in Chile and later returned to that country to serve as a mission president for the LDS church.  Brad is a professor at Brigham Young University and the author of “Growing Up” and “Where do Babies Come From?”  


       Is it just me or is “the talk” up there on the list of things you dread as a parent?  I try to be cool and normal and then I panic…every time! Brad is here with some tips.  Today he encourages parents to step up to the plate and have open conversations with your kids.  Brad suggests that by talking openly with your children you are strengthening the relationship. Some helpful suggestions he had include:

-Start early.  However old you were when you first heard about sex take 2 years off of that.  Kids are being exposed earlier and earlier and the conversation, if possible, should start at home.  

-Ask your kids probing questions.  Find out how much they know. Ask them where they heard something or what they think if means.

-If Mom and Dad are available, both of you should talk to each child regardless of their gender.  We want our kids to know that it is not a secret. Mom knows, Dad knows, and now they know too.  

-”The talk” is not a one time event.  Keep an open dialogue going with your kids.  If they ask you a questions, answer honestly.  Frequently check in with them to see if they learned anything new or have any questions.  

-Many families encourage their children to wait until they are married before they have sex.  Do your best as a parent to foster healthy thoughts and ideas about sex. It isn’t bad or gross.  It is just a matter of timing. At some point you switch from “no no no” to “go go go” and you want them to feel ready for that.

To Purchase Brad’s book’s, click on the images below:

Brad’s Mom Squad Challenge:  

      Stand in the shower and practice saying all of the anatomically correct terms.  He feels that we should be able to say them without hesitation or embarrassment to our children.  All by yourself in the shower is a perfect place to practice!

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  1. I enjoyed Brad Wilcox discussing this very important topic and agree with everything his said. I would like to share an idea that worked very well in out family. Early on in our marriage we decided that we wanted to be the main ones to teach our children about this important topic. We bought a book called :A Child Is Born that has some incredible photographs of the fetus as it develops from conception to birth. When I was expecting we would sit with a child and show them what an amazing miracle a baby really is. They would look through the pictures again and again. When I was expecting they loved to see how our baby looked now and how big it was. The book also shows that there must be an egg from the mother and sperm from the father before a baby can start to grow. A two year old accepts this information without a lot of explanation and makes it much easier later on to add other concepts as they become age appropriate

    1. Glad you liked this episode. Sounds like “A Child is Born” is a book I need to look into for my own kids. Thanks so much for sharing. It is always good to hear ideas from other great moms like you. Keep them coming!

  2. I loved the episode with Brad Wilcox! He was my professor during my Master’s program and he used to come and be a guest speaker in my elementary school classroom. He is one of my favorite people, but I had no idea that this was one of his many talents and skills. I really enjoyed what he had to say!

    1. Hey Jessie, that would be awesome to have Brad Wilcox as one of your professors. He is always so fun to listen to. I’ll be honest, I was nervous about discussing this topic with him because it can be an awkward and heavy topic. But true to Brad’s nature, he made it upbeat and encouraging. Thanks for listening and your comments!

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