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Mom Conference 2018



The Mom Conference 2018 is here! 

We are always preaching about how difficult it is to be a mom….and we are right 🙂  We love to find all the resources…ALL THE RESOURCES to help us be better and the Mom Conference is one of the best!  Every year the team at the mom conference brings a great uplifting week of instruction.  I have been listening since its first year.

Instead of having to wait to hear from one person on the podcast each week, you get to hear from a bunch of amazing professionals all in one week.

October 1-5, Thousands of moms will come together online to focus on key topics related to our awesome but extremely challenging job of mothering.

Click here to find out more

Topics this year include: 
• Combatting Overwhelm
• Parenting in the Digital Age
• Parenting a Child With Challenges
• More effective tools than yelling

We’ll be hearing from experts like:
• Dr. Laura Markham (setting limits)-ALWAYS A STRUGGLE
• Ramona Zabriskie (reducing overwhelm through emotional and physical intimacy in marriage)
• Jordan Page (budgeting)-YES PLEASE
• Dr. Dan Seigel (how to cultivate courage, and empathy in your kids)
•Michael Gurian (boys and video games)-I AM LISTENING TO THIS 15 TIMES!
• Ross Greene (the explosive child)

And much, much more. The full conference is 27 amazing expert speakers and an absolute TON of useful resources you can start using immediately to reduce overwhelm, get a handle on technology in your home, and connect with your kids on a deeper level so you can be the Mom you want to be.

Find out more about The Mom Conference here. CLICK ON THIS AND GO TO THEIR LINK


That’s right! I have your FREE Sneak Peek Pass to 8 of these great speakers. Click here to register and you’ll receive two keynote presentations via e-mail each day October 1-5 and have 48 hours to view them and soak up all the great info for FREE!

Your Sneak Peek Pass will also give you access to a special discounted price on the full Mom Conference All Access Package PLUS a new opportunity to choose a Focus Package of resources on one of the key topics.

To be honest, I don’t see any reason not to sign up for this amazing opportunity.


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