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The idea for Family Looking Up has been in the works for several years.  The initial idea started while running together as we discussed all the concerns, struggles and joys we were experiencing in our families.  The more we talked, the more we wanted to create a community for moms to learn, laugh and share their ideas.  We hope you will join us on this journey!


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I am a lover of words, a teller of stories, a fun enthusiast, and a super smeller.  I’m devoted to my six children, my man, my God, and the BBC.  I attended several different colleges and universities in my younger years, ultimately ending up as a history major at BYU.  I have found, in the last decade of my life, that authors such as Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, J.K. Rowling, and the Bronte sisters work brilliantly as an emotional prozac when the days are long and the nights are cold.  I truly believe I would be so much cooler with a fabulous British accent, but am resigned to the fact that we all have our crosses to bear.

I am married to an incredibly patient man, as demonstrated by the fact that he has stuck it out this long and says he’s in it for the long haul.  I relish the moments of hugs, laughter and insight that motherhood brings.  I endure all the things that “fill in” between those moments, and I try to remember to find joy in those as well.  Some days it actually works.  I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who helps me to smile and carry on each day.

I strongly believe that we, as mothers, are often too hard on ourselves.  I don’t know anyone who has it all together.  I believe that women need a community of support for the hardest task in the world, which is ours.  We need more understanding, more connection, and so much more laughter to really be able to see that we are not alone and things are indeed looking up!



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If I had a theme song it would be, “I’m in a hurry to get things done.”  I believe that life is suppose to be full of fun and tons of laughter; slowing down to enjoy the moment…that struggle is real!  I love my four little friends, eight-year-old boy, six-year-old girl, five-year-old boy, and two-year old boy, going on Diet Dr. Pepper runs with my husband of 11 years on Friday nights, and my 13 chickens, who I know after a hard day, will still lay eggs.  I rely heavily on those fowls for consistency.  Unlike myself they have a schedule and day after day manage to stick to it.  

Before I became a full time pooper-scooper, and melt-down manager I got my bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University-Idaho.  I worked as the director of the school aged programs at the YMCA in Philadelphia while my husband got his Master’s of Physician Assistant.  After we had our son I quit to stay home, while my husband finished his degree.  We moved to Utah for his first job and have been here seven years now.  SInce there is little else to do in our tiny town I have grown to love fitness of all kinds.    

I discovered podcasts about a year ago and found that they kept my spirits up, my mind engaged, and helped me stay distracted while I loaded the dishwasher for the 10th time.  I hope that this podcast does the same for you!

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I was raised an air force brat.  I received a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University (GO COUGS!)  and a Master’s Degree in Communicative Disorders from Utah State University. My husband and I have been married for twenty years.  I feel lucky to have spent the last seventeen years working in my home as a full time wife and mother to our four kids.  I love learning new things and feel that motherhood is a constant education.  I am happy for the challenge…most days.  When life is quiet in the home, yeah right,  I can always find chaos outside with our two dogs, two cats, three goats, 15 chickens and 6 ducks.  I am grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, and know my belief in God influences everything I do.  If I could choose one superpower I would want the ability to be invisible. If I were invisible, I could happily hide for hours with a good book and a large bowl of popcorn.  But I guess, I already have a superpower.  I must have super vision, because somehow I find all the items my kids say are “lost” in our household.  In my spare time, I like to run, read a good book into the early morning hours, garden and get away in the mountains.   

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